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Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post
Sir... how can I be ignorant of what Science truly is... when I offer only the consensus of what the Eminent Scientists offer? That makes no sense.
Do I believe that the "consensus of Eminent Scientists" are wrong? Yes.

All you are providing here is an Argument of Authority. In other words, since these men have degrees given to them by other men, then they MUST be right? That's a logical fallacy. They are just as capable of being wrong about events they were not alive to witness as anyone else.

Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post
Um... most peeps count Macro-Evolution as "speciation"... do you not do that? Do you not count it as Speciation at all? Because if you do, it HAS been observed, and I have presented you with the information at least twice.
Oh really? Exactly which scientist has been alive for millions of years observing it? I'd like to meet that guy.

Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post
If you wish to DENY Scientific Fact, I will not stop you.
I don't deny facts, I just deny speculation, guesswork and opinions masquerading as facts. There is a difference and if you were truly a "critical thinker" then you would know that.

Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post
But I think you are too "hell bent" on assuming Evolution as being Atheistic... as you have no real reason to deny facts unless it contradicts a literal Interpretation of... you know what.
No, TexasRN had it right, it's just a discussion we've had so many other times before that I'm simply tired of drudging through the same nonsense over and over.
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