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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
There's no point because I'm just going to deny them.

Again, your comments only reveal a high level of ignorance on what true science really is.

Can I scientifically prove that there were humans present at my birth? No. Because that is outside the scope of empirical science. In order for it to be scientifically provable, it MUST be observable and repeatable. Macro-Evolution is neither of those, thus it is not true science.
Sir... how can I be ignorant of what Science truly is... when I offer only the consensus of what the Eminent Scientists offer? That makes no sense.

Um... most peeps count Macro-Evolution as "speciation"... do you not do that? Do you not count it as Speciation at all? Because if you do, it HAS been observed, and I have presented you with the information at least twice.

If you wish to DENY Scientific Fact, I will not stop you.

But I think you are too "hell bent" on assuming Evolution as being Atheistic... as you have no real reason to deny facts unless it contradicts a literal Interpretation of... you know what.
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