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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
The difference is that it's a Law. There is no "Law of Evolution," because there is absolutely no evidence to support Macro-Evolution. Zero.

Exactly where is your information about Evolution coming from? You need to start citing your sources before I will even consider engaging in a discussion with you on this topic.
Oh, so you do intend to have a "discussion"? Thats great news!

Uh... "law" of Evolution? Of course not. We humans are in fact not Evolving anymore because we have overcome (for the most part) Natural Selection... so most anybody who desires to (and some who don't, haha) procreate. If Natural Selection is not being applied to a population of organisms, then they are unable to adapt or change... so there can be no "law" of Evolution.
But there is technically a "law" of Mutations since they occur at a pretty consistent rate.
Even die hard Creationists accept that...

And uh... I don't get my information from any specific website because I have been acquiring my information from a variety of sources over several years... but there is a website that has a great index of what information I possess and can link to.
...if you want to take a peek.
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