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Originally Posted by shon8121 View Post
Ah... Chuck c'mon. Have you skipped some of my precious posts? A Scientific Theory as defined by it's original meaning is: An Explanation for a collection of facts.
So uh... a Theory isn't a mere educated guess as is a "Hypothesis" as many assume.

Ridiculous time frame? So uh... lets take Dinosaurs for example. How do you explain how they show up in the Fossil record? Why are they so far below the life that we find as living today? And why before them do we find precambrian life which is much more simple than the Cretacious and Jurrasic Period?
If you need help understanding the Science here, I would love to assist you sir.

We have a better understanding of Evolution than we do for Gravity... which is also a "Theory" by the way... and so is the whole "Earth revolving around the Sun" thing.

Think about it.
Wow, do you really believe any of this nonsense that you are typing?
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