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Originally Posted by que View Post
did we come from monkeys? i don't know

but we sure do act like em, sometimes.
Haha. Well, to be accurate, we most recently descended from Ape-like Creatures. But those Ape-like Creatures descended from Monkey-like Creatures.

What a lot of people misunderstand (I'm not accusing you of this) is that Evolution is not Linear. I often hear "If we came from Monkeys, why don't we ever hear about Monkeys giving birth to humans?"
That assumes there is this specific order to Evolution and thats not how it works at all.
At best we are related to the other Great Apes... we're like Cousins having descended from the same Ancestor some 4-ish million years ago... but we didn't descend from a modern Ape or Monkey. Haha.

Speaking of acting like Monkeys... Check this funny clip out! These Monkeys are stealing people's Alcohol!
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