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Originally Posted by NateR
Yeah, this is ridiculous. They were entering the country ILLEGALLY and TRESPASSING on this man's land. This Arizona man is a victim, not a criminal.

This kind of thing really angers me as well.
Nathan, do you know they (I don't know if it was the state of Texas or the U.S. gov't) actually gave that illegal drug runner a "pass" to go back and forth from Mexico into the U.S. while they sent those two TX border patrol agents to prison. I still don't understand why the TX Attorney General (I think it was him) pursued those agents the way he did when they were doing their job. Sometimes I can't help but think that something fishy is up with our government and these southern states not seeming to "want" to protect our borders against these illegals and drug criminals. I love my country, but the decisions that are being made regarding our citizens is outrageous!
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