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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Evolution as the method that life uses to adapt to its environment? Yes.

Evolution as a theory that all life on Earth is derived from one common ancestor? No.

Micro-Evolution can be observed. However, Macro-Evolution has never been observed, it can only be implied. Thus it is not a fact.
Hi NateR! Your reputation precedes you, so I'm excited that you've joined the discussion.

But I'm afraid you must have skipped over some of my other posts... I already addressed your concerns.

The Theory of Evolution actually does state that all life has a Common Ancestor or group of Ancestors (usually depicted as a Single-Celled Organism).

If you accept Micro-Evolution, then by definition you must accept "Macro" because it's just many instances of "Micro". We've observed Speciation in Nature. Google "Ring Species" for more information... unless you desire that I explain it to you... if thats the case I would love to do so.

And when it comes to Fossils evidence... its like coming across a Crime Scene. We have a gun on a table, missing a bullet... we have a bullet in a man lying dead on the floor and blood on the wall behind him. We can take the fingerprints off of the gun and find out who they belong too, and we can ask the neighbors if there has been any activity or arguments that the victim has been in lately. What if we find out that his wife and he had fights all the time? What if we find out that only her fingerprints are on the gun? What if we then catch her trying to flee the country?
What would you conclude has happened? Murder? Yeah, all we need now is a confession out of her, but even thats not really necessary because the evidence is pretty damning.

So... when it comes to the Fossil Record, it's often similar to this. We have a Dead body, we have the Sedimentary Rock Layers it's in, so we know a lot more about it than you would readily assume.

And we certainly have our DNA evidences.
Endogenous Retroviruses
Functionally Redundant Pseudogenes
Functionally Redundant Proteins
Functionally Redundant DNA

Each of these things separately STRONGLY suggest Common Ancestry... but together they prove it.

If you're not willing to "google" these terms as well... I guess I can go into further detail to help people understand what they are and what they mean.
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