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mscom, Malcolm, did you say somewhere that you study membranes? Are you familiar with Alister McGrath? He is an Oxford Professor of Theology. Prior to studying theology, he did biochemistry research. His area was "developing innovative physical methods for studying the behavior of biological membranes, including the use of fluorescent probes and positron decay to investigate temperature-dependent transitions in biological systems and their models." (I hope you know what that means, I don't). Anyway, he gave up his atheism during his research time and got his PhD in theology and became an Anglican priest and a professor. He is a very prolific writer. He has a three volume work developing a scientific theology (Theory, Reality, Nature). Recently, he is best known for taking on Dawkins about atheism. He must have dozens of books in print. You should check him out.
yeah I do know those techniques. My area of research is kind of linked to membranes. Dr, McGrath was more into membrane strucutre and things of that nature. Im more into memrane receptor. Ie: Insulin attaches to insulin receptor, the receptor triggers a cascade response in cell, cell take up glucose yadda yadda yadaa. Im not very familiar with McGrath actually. I didnt know he was also a preist. He kinda sounds like the preist from the first exorcist who was an M.D and a
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