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Originally Posted by mscomc View Post
Gotta be careful man! if you wanna be a evo-biologist, you should know the human you are now is not the human you are 10 sec ago. Your cells and DNA are constantly mutating and turning over (cellular degredation and regeneration). I beleive that god made a human to start with yes. Do I beleive that human has changed genetically so much that its dna is not completely homologous to mine yes. But I beleive virtually all holy scripture mentions this.

you have to go back and look at many things:

1) true we now know how to study the level of the gene, but we dont know how: nucletiodes, the first genes, or how to read genes first came about. Right now, science has hypothesized that in early earth (like 60 billions years ago) quantum degeneration of an atom somehow fused to form a single cell.....which is already reallly realllllllly rare. Than we dont seem to know how we got to a functioning gene. Which is a pretty big gap.

2) Also have you seen the intricate details of a human cell? have you see how perfect it is? not just to look at, but thermodynamically and chemically, everything is so perfectly in sync. heres a link i posted for a good harvard medical school video of that -----

3) Speaking of thermodynamics (men can go mad talking about this)....did you know the universe is soooooo thermo perfect, that if gravity at earth surface was even 0.1m/s (+ or -) what it is now....the universe couldnt exist? it wouldnt be stable?

-----There is alot more stuff. In the end, I dont beleive that chance was enough to make this all happen. I beleive there was a holy creator.

One more thing man. Not to change your mind on how you view religion. If you are atheist, that is cool with me man, so dont even sweat .....but i personaly have spent many years educating myself in the natural sciences. And some of my peers always mock me, why do i beleive in god? i cant see him, i cant hear him, or touch him...... I just tell them, i cant see an atom either, but i know its there.

Sorry for the long post. If you want more evolutionary evidence from the persepctive of: enzymes, bio-macromolecules, then i can help. If you are more into comparative anatomy (gorila skull vs human skull) sorry man, i aint that bright.

Take care, malcom
mscom, Malcolm, did you say somewhere that you study membranes? Are you familiar with Alister McGrath? He is an Oxford Professor of Theology. Prior to studying theology, he did biochemistry research. His area was "developing innovative physical methods for studying the behavior of biological membranes, including the use of fluorescent probes and positron decay to investigate temperature-dependent transitions in biological systems and their models." (I hope you know what that means, I don't). Anyway, he gave up his atheism during his research time and got his PhD in theology and became an Anglican priest and a professor. He is a very prolific writer. He has a three volume work developing a scientific theology (Theory, Reality, Nature). Recently, he is best known for taking on Dawkins about atheism. He must have dozens of books in print. You should check him out.
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