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mscomc - Don't apologize. I enjoy long comments!
I'm aware that the body is constantly changing with cell mitosis, but I'm more interested in a population of organisms rather than just one individual. ;-)

Ok, you believe Humans were made in their present form. Have you heard of "inhibitors" governing genes? When these inhibitors shut off for whatever reason, the Junk DNA they were governing turns on and an old trait is expressed that was one fully expressed in our Ancestors. One such trait that appears is a tail.
Not just a fleshy stub... but a fully functional tail complete with bones, muscle and voluntary movement.
That website has a few pictures but I don't endourse it as a "safe for work" website for some Total Recall 3 boobed image much lower down.
The point is, why do we have the blueprints in our DNA for such a gene, if we did not descend from Ape-like creatures?
And what about Chromosome 2 in the Human Genome? It appears to be a fusion of two of the Great Ape's Chromosomes (since Humans have 46 Chromosomes [23 from each parent] and all other Apes have 48).
It would make more sense to me based off of evidence like this (there is much more) that if your god exists, he had a hand in Evolution rather than creating us in our current form.

Uh... Science doesn't depict the Earth as having even been a thought 60 Billion years ago in the Universe... since the Universe has been dated to 13.7 Billion years ago, and the Earth being dated to 4.5 Billion years ago. Abiogenesis is still somewhat in the air. They have had some success in organic chemistry coming together to form very simplistic... uh... what is the word... uh, lets go with "pre-cells"... Haha. It's not quite a cell, but it's on it's way. But I don't even know why we're talking about Abiogenesis, because I'm perfectly fine if your Creator caused the first simple self replicating cells to exist. *shrug* It's the Evolution afterwards that I'm interested in. Forgive me for assuming if this isn't what you meant in your first point, but thats how I interpreted it.

Onto your second point, ah yes. Surprised you didn't use the term "Irreducible Complexity"! Haha. Uh, of course the Cell is very complex. The evidence that Science has so far is that single celled organisms might have started showing up soon after the Earth was formed and they propogated for 2 or 3 Billion years before finally becoming multi-cellular. In a few Billion years, I can see this sort of complexity arising.

Regarding point 3, Thermodynamics is often used to try and discredit Evolution... but it's not properly understood in these terms. We get an almost unlimited amount of energy from the sun so it's not a closed system on Earth. Therefor, this Law is not an issue at all.

I don't know if I like the word "chance" because there are over 100 Billion Galaxies in the Universe. Is it "chance" that at least one of the Stars in all of those galaxies has a planet nearby that has the right conditions for life? I hope there is more life out there... otherwise its an awful waste of space in my opinion.

I'm not specifically Atheist. I mean, we're all Atheist to all of the gods that Humans have come up with throughout History... I just go one further. I'm not convinced by any specific Religion... but I'm personally Agnostic. I do not know if there is a god... and I do not truly think I could possibly know. And thats my position.
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