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VCURamFan - That is a good point you brought up. I am glad you did so I can expand on this idea sooner rather than later.

Micro-Evolution is what most Creationists call "Adaptation". And sure, we can go along with that. It's clearly been observed.

Macro-Evolution has been defined as "species to species" transitions. But there are a great many misconceptions about Macro-Evolution.
Technically, no species gives birth to a new species. Macro, is just many instances of Micro over time.
Has this been observed?
I recommend that people google "Ring Species" for observed Speciation in Nature.
Note that it is not the Speciation most desire to see... because that many changes cannot possibly occur in our lifetimes.

However, if you google "20 Year E. Coli Experiment" you'd quickly discover some huge changes Scientists have documented in Bacteria. E. Coli is defined as an oganism that cannot consume Citrate... as it's essentially poisoness. 3 separate and non-related mutations after some 20,000 generations were able to consume Citrate and thrive on it.

The moral of this story? We've not only observed Speciation, but we also have Fossils that show the Species to Species Transition we were unable to witness ourselves.

And soon I feel like I'm going to be discussing the DNA evidence which is truly the smoking gun for Macro-Evolution.
-----Hey friend names malcom. I too was like you, loved talking science (guess i still do). I had a thread on evolution about 8 months back or so. I myself am finishing my phD in biochemistry......what science field are you in?

If you need a hand for evidence for evolution at the level of the gene, Im your man. My speciality is NOT evolutionary biology, but i know a fair bit. But you have to keep in mind that I do beleive god made man.
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