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Originally Posted by Preach
hahahahaha I am glad that he is staying in there he has some fights ahead of him for sure
I aggree. Squash a few cans...whilst Leonard Garcia gets the title, and smushes Faber

Then work his way back up beating hopefully both on the way.

btw...whatever happened to Cub he still...erm..around

As for...Urijah...have you seen my video blog yet? I have a new pet that I've called Urijah. "leaf 4 leaf the best Rubber plant in the world"

Tommorow I'll do a thread with some pictures...I'm so proud of him...I just dont quite know how to look after him...I think he might need watering...but...I dunno...I've never had a rubber plant before...he was a reduced to clear item Hope Faber has a GSOH, coz I spared him nothing on the details...look at the LAST 55seconds of the video below and you will see what I mean
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