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Howdy ya'll. My name is Ryan. I am from outside of Chicago about an hour or so. Been checking out the Matt Hughes forum for a while now and decided from the overall positive (rare) type of forum that this is that it's something I want to be part of.

Kept up with UFC quite a bit years ago and just starting to follow it again more closely. Alway been a fan of Matt Hughes, his career and most importantly how he is set apart as a man of faith within his arena. Just finished his Made In America book and really enjoyed it.

I don't have any MMA training, but have always spent my extra time in the gym. Some buddies of mine are beginning to set up a strongman gym and I am looking forward to training somewhere else besides a "fitness center" haha. Bring on the tractor tires!! Besides the gym I spend my time working with my church as a worship director and my full time career is in the area of financial advisory.

Wife and I are expecting our first child in May, 2010 so that is a whole new world that is beginning to come together for us. So excited!

Glad to be here and excited about getting to know many of you through the forums!
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