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According to Karo via

this was Jan 26th, him saying he DOESN'T take his medication.

ďWhy (didnít I) take them? Because I wasnít having a panic attack, (but) I was so crazy about what was going on with me, what Iím gonna do, etc., etc. I was like, well, I have medication for that, but Iím scared. I donít want to take that ****ing medication right now, just because it might make it worse for some reason. I was just trying to deal with the panic attacks, so I never took medication. And if it happens, God forbid, please God forbid, then Iíll probably pop a Xanax, and itíll probably put me to sleep or something. I donít know what it does.Ē
then he tests positive for it.
But I guess he gets xanax? not 3 kinds of pain killer?
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