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Originally Posted by Crisco
Matt will probably retire after Serra if I had to make my guess. He seems to be really enjoying his fame now after working hard for so many years I can't blame him.

That would be pretty cool if he got into trick shooting like Nate mentioned. But there aren't many fights that make sense for Matt after Serra. Unless smashing Serra reawakens Matt's competitive wish( Praying for it ) for another go at the belt.

Nah.. I would like to see Matt fight Koz.. and Karo.. then (if not sooner) get a title shot again.. hell UFC should owe it to him.. too fights on short notice, and one to a guy that can't make weight.

So in my world... Serra, Koz.. then a title shot!.. I would like to see him fight Karo.. cause he is really needing his shot.. but after testing positive for pain killers.. I don't know.
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