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Iím Danelle, aka ďLil D.Ē Iím 19 years young, born and raised in beautiful So Cal. Like some others on here, I am from a military family background. I spent the first three and half years of my life in Hawaii because my Dad got transferred there during his Naval days. My mom served several uncles, some aunts, great uncle, and my grandpa. Only branch in the family that no one has served in is the Coast Guard.

I am currently a pre-med student majoring in molecular/cellular biology, although I have been considering changing to bioengineering. I have ambitions of being either an anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeon, or ER doc while serving in the USAF. If the medical route doesnít work, then I have also given some thought as to being a mortician, any engineering field (especially bioengineering), or F.B.I. agent specializing in forensics. Yes I am keeping my options open.

Iíve been a member of this forum since October 30, 2005. I stumbled across it on the T.U.F forums curiosity of NateR. Ever since then I have gotten to meet and know some really great people who I am proud to consider friends. Even before I joined these boards, Iíve been into martial arts since I was four thanks to my Dad. Iíve also been a huge fan of basketball, especially the LA Lakers.

I have also seen my fair share of MMA fights live. Iíve been to UFC 59, 60 (weigh ins), 63, 67 (weigh ins), 79, and the Brock/Randy card. Beyond the UFC I have also been to the inaugural Affliction fight, and will also being to the Day of Reckoning event.
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