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Default Pros Pick: Fedor vs. Rogers

Ok the reason I am posting this is really for just one of the pros picks

Chael Sonnen: Two fatties swinging like bums. Yawn, stretch, back to sleep.

Ok so lets take a quick look at Sonnen's record. he is 24-10-1 with 58.33% of his wins by way of dec. Since Dec of 2007 the only fights he has been involved in that have been finished we the 2 fights he lost.

He says 2 fatties swinging like bums yet 53.33% of Fedor's fights end by sub. Aside from his KO over AA Fedor's last 6 fights have ended by submission.

IS SONNEN ON DRUGS??????? If I were Dana I would cut Sonnen from the UFC just for being stupid.
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