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That was wonderful! You really hit the nail on the head with your review of Matt's book. I've seen some of the other reviews that bashed the book for it's contents (e.g., twisting Matt's words to make him seem a hypocrite, etc...). But, to me, those people weren't interested in Matt's words as far as learning about the man from his start in life to the road he's traveled to get to where he is today; but, rather, they were more interested in taking bits and pieces of what he said and turning it into something ugly to use against him.

I just referenced Matt's book in my comment to him on his blog page regarding today's blog. Basically, I said that it was his honesty, how open he was/is that is one of the things I like and respect so much about him. I think he is a man who says what he means and means what he says. I told him he is what I like to call "true blue".

His book made me laugh when he shared the antics Mark and he got up too as toddlers to young men (I mean come on--throwing pig testicles, at their now long-time friend, Fiore!). It made me sad when he talked of the not-so-good times at home and when he lost his friends. And then, special to my heart, is his relationship with Mark (I'm a twin too, 'nuff said). It was just refreshing and surprising to see someone be so honest and open (even when it might not make him look good).

Like you said, if people are looking for more of a MMA book, this might not be their cup of tea. But, if they want to read about the man, Matt Hughes, who also happens to be the "most dominant champion" in UFC history to date, then this is a book they should read.

Thank you, Dave. Keep up the good work!
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