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Originally Posted by cheachea
Great review Tyburn.

What I like about the book is exactly what a lot of other people dont. I find it ironic that some people would use his book to show how he is hypercritical about Faith...without obviously reading the bit about the Conversion...its as if they assume that Hughes was born with it...thus any antics in the first part of the book are for shame.

But thats not what its about...Matt Hughes books shows exactly why he needed the Lord in the first eleven thing I forgot to add was the symbolism of water and how its used in the book.

The first time we see it someone ends up killed, and Hughes nearly dies aswell. The water is here seen as a dangerous threshold, something that once crossed cant be reversed. It brings home the reality of what Water can do to a Human...years later it is a painting involving what? water...and people drowning in it

You could look at Hughes whole life and say it was expressed in those few moments under the water when he nearly died as a young man. It starts off so innocent. Just like the life of a Heathen, there is nothing serious, no harm in a little fun here and there. The only power you have is you, and you have ultimate power. Even in the face of danger

and then suddenly you realize that you arent the centre of the universe and you cant save yourself. There are other forces stronger then you and you end up in trouble. What was fun and seemed pleasent now appears malicious and like deciet

at some point you realize you are in to deep, and suddenly there is more to lose then you thought you had to begin with. Knowing you are in shyte and you were wrong isnt enough to save you. You need outside help.

in the drama of his youth, out of nowhere Hughes had an idea that saved him. What he actually recieved is whats liturgically known as Revelation...something, the answer to his difficulties was disclosed, revealed to him in exactly the same way that he saw that painting and realized he was in the water again...this time on a more grande scale.

Shall I tell you something even more outstanding then that. What do you suppose Water symbolizes Liturgically?

Re-birth. Its the symbol of Baptism. To be saved, to end ones old life and to rise up out of the water as something pure and new.

I should have put that into the book review but it would have been wasted on the haters anyway infact I will add an ammendment I think, one extra paragraph wouldnt hurt. But I'll wait til I have confirmation on the completeion of this upload...see He hasnt told me its up yet...and he's not quite finished like turning all the quotes into italics yet...sooo I think I'm not supposed to know its on the website yet LOL

so when he sends me the link...I'll ask him to add in a little paragraph, which will be a refined paragraph on the above. I should really stop thinking about it now, Or I'll see something else and before you know it I'll bewriting a bloody psycho-symbolic compendium...and he wont thank me for that hahahahahahaha

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