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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
I'm not so sure. When the Russian Mob gets their hooks in, they're not going to settle on any sort of easily-attainable amount. They wanna have you in debt to them for a looooong while.
Yeah, but this ain't Russia, and it's not the 70's. The judge will likely decide what they get, if they get anything at all.

I don't really see any reason at this point that Affliction would actually settle with them, because if this is actually a lawsuit over breach of contact then the details are probably pretty cut and dry. They either breached the contract or they didn't. You would think that if Affliction actually DID breach a contract that they would have already tried to settle the case, which is also something else I not have read in the media either.

Sometimes there is lack of clarity in the wording of contracts, and lawyers try to use that to make their case, but we don't really know what the contract said. If that is the case, or if both parties are trying to use a loophole to make their argument, then it becomes the judge's sole discretion as to how he rules the case, and it can be a toss up.

Really, there is just not enough information right now to comment very much on this case. Until the facts of what was in the contracts come out, it is all just speculation.
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