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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I would like my favourite fighter to win all his fights, because I want whats best for him, and what will make him happy. I truely believe that he has the capabilities to win Ok...



No I'm not, I was just playing, don't take it all personal now. I LIKE JENS. I have ROOTED for him every-single-fight, ANNND like you, would root for him again. I hayte watching fighters I like get PWNED again and again but I suppose you have a point that if Jens wants to fight, get pwned, and be happy, go for it. I'd rather see him win, but he's an old man now, and he's past his prime, IMO.

You don't know that. You know nothing. If you saw ME you'd be thinking the same thing about me as you do Jens, only I am MUCH bigger, MUCH stronger but much nicer...and MUCH better looking too

I think I'll apply for DWTS instead...I am Uriah Faber after all

Look at the photo in my siggie. I, Myself am MUCH bigger then Jens...thats not hard when he's...rather...small

As for Much better looking. I tell you what. You post a photo and I'll tell you if your better looking.
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