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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Dave, do you like to see your favorite fighters fight? Even if they continually lose the fights?
I would like my favourite fighter to win all his fights, because I want whats best for him, and what will make him happy. I truely believe that he has the capabilities to win.

But If Jens were to fight a million more fights and lose each one, it wouldnt change my feelings or my loyalty towards him.

You might be expecting me to rant on and defend him, and if your mean then I will, BUT, before I thought I knew how it was, and it mattered to me that other people thought that too. Now I've met him I KNOW how it is, and it doesnt bother me so much what others think, because I know the truth.

As it happens, I have never seen Jens Pulver fight live, I havent even seen many of his fights at the time they happen, since WEC isnt shown on English TV and neither is the other promotions he was with. I never knew Jens when he held the Championship Belt in the UFC, because it was before I'd ever heard of MMA.

As for you, I suspect your just trying to cause a scene...afterall, I've spoken to Urijah Faber before, I know that your not him, I also think that there is little point in indulging someone whose clearly just looking for a reaction.

You couldnt beat Jens up. You couldnt murder or kill him, and if you ever met him and saw him get angry, you wouldnt ever even try. You know this, I know this...and if Jens reads this thread, he will know this too
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