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I like Jens...but he is awfully full of himself. I've never heard anyone who is more "self aware" than Jens.

Fact is he's lost 6 of 7 of his last fights. I thought it bogus that after he had returned to the UFC and lost to Joe Lauzon, then to BJ Penn, THEN gets into the WEC and wins ONE FIGHT and gets a title shot, which he lost, THEN gets PWNED again, THEN gets another TITLE SHOT??? Then loses to a noob. And he's supposed to be a legend? What next, Dancing with the Stars

All because he's, well, his name sounds pretty cool eh? Seriously, I could probably beat his arse in a fight. He's washed up. A lot of heart, but his time is come and gone.

Let the attacks on my post begin

Please consider England in your prayers!
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