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Also he does what I do sometimes. Like in my weekly blog, I'm talking about something that ive thought a lot about, so I am actually able to think about other things as I talk to the camara, and Suddenly I'm talking about the Budgie making a racket, as if you are hearing a thought going through my mind, and then, im suddenly back on the first topic again. Happens at 3.53 mark

Well when Jens first sat down he was talking to Tim McKinnon, and every few moments, he would stop and talk to me, as if it was off the record, like a side thought. So he sat down and started talking, and said a cuss word, and he turned to me, without taking a breath and says "oh I cuss alot, even in church" then he was back talking to McKinnon if he was watching himself, and giving a narration to me on the conversation he was you follow?

I love him to bits, can you tell
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