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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post
Yes, it is called "flight of ideas". I can guess a diagnosis by your description. I didn't want you to break a confidence . . . just drop a hint . . . like: "I have a feeling Jens isn't done fighting!"
Well I've ALWAYS said that I thought Jens wasnt done fighting...or rather then we didnt know.

I Didnt know he had come back...what I knew was that he had been shelved, and had since told the UFC that his circumstances had changed and he believed he could go again...his words were "I'm prepared to risk it all" BUT he just said he felt they needed a bit of..."convincing" obviously in the last month he's given them whatever they felt they needed

The thing is the UFC have just cottoned onto the fact that they can market fighters on a personality basis. They kinda just discovered what ive been rattling on about since 2006, that sometimes the person can matter more. They tried this between Jens Pulver and Urijah Faber...and it worked so well, that everyone whose fought him sinse, has expressed almost repentance at gaining victory, and whilst their stock has stayed the same...have you seen Josh Grispi since Jens Pulver?? Leonard, bless his golden heart is out of contention for the time being, Urijah Faber has flat-lined so dramatically...and Urijah made a point of being as Gracious in the run up to both fights as Jens was to him, Leonard expressed his thoughts to me, and Josh Grispi nearly burst into tears during his post fight interview. the Insitution cant MAKE that happen, and now it has, they see that win or lose, for at least a while Jens Pulver is still a social phenomina that they could use.

You wait til his opponent is known. They will ask him some honnest questions, and he'll tell you all about his most recent overcoming, and once again the people will wish against all probability for Jens to win...if he does, then suddenly he'll be hoisted, and if he doesnt...well pity the guy whose just beaten him...because the public will have the same reaction I bet as before.

Just like with Randy Couture...who cares what the outcome of his fight against Brandon Vera is...Can Couture lose ANYTHING in the eyes of the public...these two are the FIRST to have developed a fan base souly on who they are. Neither have the best record...neither are classed orthodox as pound for pound, neither have had such a good run of it in the past year.

..and finally, Everyone is discovering, it actually doesnt matter, because who they are and what they have been through and the ikons they have become have been noticed by even Penn Max
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