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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Define "holding out"

I was trying to get my artical published in a real magazine

I have knowledge of his future plans outside of active competition, I know about his mental health issues. I know more then whats in that artical anyway, alot of stuff is contained in a fifteen moment dialogue that he gave to me

But you have to remember Jens Pulver is also a bit like the atmosphere of a gas giant, there are windspeeds of extreme velocity, one moment absolutely nothing, the next moment a very strong wind. He changes mood rapidly. Within the hour and a half I saw him he'd been several different people almost, like a lot of fast flowing streams though you can say something, and the whole watercourse changes direction.

When he first arrived at the table he was happy, but seconds after he started talking to Mr Mckinnon, he became quite muted, a bit sullan, and then he became protected when they started talking about the spiritual happenings that were going on in his life. Its as if he had clarity in his mind and dared not let what they were saying influence his conceptions or else he'd find himself lost again, Then he cheered up some when he talked about his future plans and his ideals, and by the time he was talking about his medical issues, he was positively hyper, I mean, hyper. Then we started talking and he became angry, and he started saying...things...I discovered I could switch conversations with a few words, so I'd let him go and then I'd change his course everyso often, if I felt he needed regning in, See he would be set off and it would be like wind to a set of smoulders, they would spark and catch alight again, sometimes that was good...and sometimes I just had to snap him out of that cyclical mode before it was all he could think you understand?
Yes, it is called "flight of ideas". I can guess a diagnosis by your description. I didn't want you to break a confidence . . . just drop a hint . . . like: "I have a feeling Jens isn't done fighting!"
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