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Well, they've finished the regular season 10-0, finishing the region at 4-0 and ending as 3-0 district champions.

They've scored 543 points those ten games and have allowed a mesely 67 points. Both of these accomplishments are the best in the entire state of Kentucky regardless of class. Fort Campbell is a 2A team in a state that is home to the nationally ranked 5A Highlands Bluebirds, the team that NFL commentator Chris Collinsworth's son plays wide receiver and defensive back.

They enter the postseason as the favorite to win the state championship, but are keeping their head on their shoulders taking one game at a time now.....knowing what lies ahead.

They're my favorite football team! Go Falcons!

That's great news brother! I was wondering if they did anything for Tim this year? A sticker on a helmet? An announcement?

I have no doubt that each and every one of those young men plays just a little bit harder this season Part of that State title will certainly belong to Tim!!
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