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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Ha ha i just went and played Jerusalem!

Its not that i dont support the Royals, i do but its just its such an uninspring antional anthem. Like at a fierce sporting event, it just does nothing. Which really bothers me!
its often played tooooo sloooooooow. So it comes off sounding like a also depends how its played. I mean when Her Majesty Elizabeth 2 came with her Entourage to Saint Paul's for important services, we would of course close with the Anthem. We'd have a set of Trumpets on the Quire Stall Balconies and they would do an Introduction, like a fanfare...and at the last note of the fanfare the Great Organ would resonate the base...and NO JOKE the whole woodwork would quake and rattle.

Its on tape on this video...dont watch the whole forward to 6.30and just listen for the introduction and the Organ to kick in...that WAS powerful if you were standing behind the wooden pannels under the organ itself
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