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Originally Posted by TexasRN
Awwww, poor Andrea. I know exactly what she's going thru. It sucks sooooo bad. I hope she gets her power back soon, not having meals for that long was one of the hardest things for me. And the sound of all the generators. I hate that sound but loved it at the same time.

Ditto! As beautiful a blessing as those generators were, when we finally got power and they were off, that beautiful peaceful silence was a blessing also.

BTW, you had water?

I thought after Rita, in '05, I was going to be totally prepared for the next one, NOT. This year, starting in June, I'm using everything in the freezer and going week to week keeping stuff in the fridge. If I stay, I'm filling every recepticle (tubs, pots, jugs, etc...) with water as well as stocking up on bottled water and batteries. Of course, I realize my doing this will more than likely insure no hurricanes will come this way.
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