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Default Tour of USA... Bought and Paid for!

Right ok, i did it!

Return London-Dallas, leave June the 17th and come home 31st of August, so a good two and half months in America.

So far, i met my Girlfriend in Dallas, go on a trip to Tennessee i believe whilst also soaking up a bit of Texas, shooting range, mudding, dancing etc, there is a wedding for me to attend as well, it seems as if a lot of people marry young in Texas!

Then 4 of my friends from England come over to New York, meet me in Dallas and do 4 days there, with my girlfriend showing us about, then fly to L.A, stay there for a few days, then to Vegas. They go home and i fly back to Texas for the 13th.

Then i have just under two months. There may be a Canada trip, toronto to Vancouver, and im going to go West first, Arizona, California etc, gonna head ot Colorado and see the Rockies.

Then its to go east and Alabama, Georgia. Then the last leg will culminate in Chigago, NY, Boston, Washington D.C before coming back to Texas for a few days.

This is a sketch but i will start feeling out the days and will endevour to see some of you, whoever is down, ill try and weave it alll in. Would love to go to Hillsborough, just need to work on the logistics of that! I'll do some work on a farm for a bit if anyone wants!!!!

Point being, it is all coming together, and them flights are not refundable so i am coming!

So will keep you posted!
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