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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
FYI, WGN is everywhere. It's part of Time Warner Cable, Mediacom Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, etc. It's like getting the Braves games on TBS.
Well yes of course it is. The difficulty is that the Chicago area sports teams have decided to form a Chicago Area Sports Network. The feed is provided by Comcast and is labeled Comcast Sports Chicago; or at least it is on Direct TV.

When Cubs games were available on Extra Innings last season much the time the feed was not provided by WGN but rather Comcast Sports Chicago. Odd thing is they did use the WGN announcers.

I have seen the broadcast schedule and there are still many games available on WGN but there has been a continuation of the shift away from WGN. Now that the Tribune no longer owns the Cubs, the trend will probably accelerate.

This means a reduction in the games available locally by broadcast and nationally as well unless you have an extra cost package.

For the Braves fans, the situation is even worse. WTBS will not carry any Braves games. Those will usually only be on Sports South.
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