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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Oh I know and like Down, I didn't know they were still a band.
Phil has been in a bunch of bands, for a while he was near 10.

BLS is pretty good live, Zakk Wylde literally looks like a giant biker,
not a multi millionaire rock star, its cool that he isn't all glammy or dressed nice, just sticks with his style.

Down is still working together, they just put out an album like a year ago I believe. Stone the Crow is one of my all time favorite songs.

I've been down with BLS for years and while I love Zakk, I feel like their sound has fallen off a bit from what it was. Still cool, but not AS cool IMO.

UFCfan2 mentioned Fleetwood Mac, I have seen them live and they put on a great show, I know they are touring this spring.

cheachea said Deftones, and that is another group I have seen numerous times back in the day, awesome band. My prayers are with Chi right now.
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