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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
So who brought mma to the UK?
Who was the first promotion aired in the UK?

Either way, do you think MMA would be as big in the UK if it weren't for UFC?
No, not even almost, don't fool yourself.

The Gracies learned Martial Arts from a Japanese person, (and developed their art from 2 Japanese arts)
and they certainly constantly pay homage to the Japanese.

Think however you want, but you're disrespectful.
Respect is the most important lesson one should get out of any martial arts, you should get some someday.
I give respect where it is due....and btw respect is earned.

IMHO the Gracies did their part in revolutionizing the sport. But for them to blab on like nearly two decades later and pretend the game revolves around them anymore then a billion other martial arts, its not only foolish, its just plain false.

Admited by yourself, they didnt create, they stood on the shoulders of the giants before them and took it one step further, just like Zuffa stood on their shoulders and continued the work. They are a link in the chain...a worthy link...but they are not some sorta relic that half their fans make out.

Suddenly this family isnt about exploiting a good business opportunity and a clever idea of how to hoist themselves above all others, (which was their aim, it was about proving their martial art, they, were better then anyone else. That is Extreme Right...and considered very wrong) and its become almost a cult within the sport. You wait til they all start dying off...then their pictures will be hung in huge frames above the door posts of their gyms, and suddenly, a fallable human being is practically being worshipped,

of course...tiz the way in the orient. But we've moved on. We dont need to bow to them because they "invented" MMA. Now we say, half of them were rubish to begin with, and beat people on a con, and the rest are getting so old they can no longer compete...sure there is the coverted black belts..but eventually that to will be killed off, when all the blackbelts are being distributed via second generation mentors, in essence, not Gracies at all, but well rounded men who have simply incorperated the Gracie aspect also.

There are one or two Gracies I like and think are alright...Royce is not one of them. Helio was
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