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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
Well u can see the singer and I think another memeber in the band called DOWN..saw them along with the Sword and Metallica when they came thru St.Louis. I will say that was one of their best performances(music wise) that I've seen and i've seen them 7x....

Bands I liked to see:
The Frey(good music good vibes)
Vedera(decent music)
As I lay Dying(very energetic music)
Killswitch Engaged(good music plus just wanna see the brother rock out)
Fleetwood Mac(nothing more to say,one of the greatest female voices in music)
RX Bandits(new band I discovered)
Sarah McLachlan(inspirational and relaxing music)
Evenescence(good music,lost of energy)
Black Label Society
(just to see Zakks amazing guitar play)

Oh I know and like Down, I didn't know they were still a band.
Phil has been in a bunch of bands, for a while he was near 10.

BLS is pretty good live, Zakk Wylde literally looks like a giant biker,
not a multi millionaire rock star, its cool that he isn't all glammy or dressed nice, just sticks with his style.
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