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Spirit, the bottom line is you are not using "simple math". You are trying to make a very complex comparison and you are using made up facts to do it. Anybody could come up with your opinion if they just choose to ignore or write off the things fighters and the companies do that are less than desirable. Saying things like "they had mental issues", or "bigger fish to fry". Thats ridiculous. All the while, you forget the very basic fact that with more people comes more problems, hence the fact you see a higher number of people in other leagues with "problem children" so to speak. I don't think the ratio is really as far off as you are trying to suggest, and you don't have the facts to prove your point. You are being grossly unfair and biased in comparison when talking about the character of the athletes in other sports when compared to MMA. Period.

As for ticket prices and player compensation, I'm sorry you don't agree with people being fairly paid for what they bring to a company. As for people not going to games, you are just wrong on so many levels it's ridiculous. Did you forget about what our economy looks like? Considering how tight money is everywhere right now, these franchises are doing AWESOME. Sure, some of the smaller markets take a bigger hit, but that's how it always goes. It will bounce back. Some players ARE overpaid, but on the whole most players are not.

It isn't the fault of the users.. it's a fault in the athlete. IMO

meaning The Users are not the problem. How many kids and amateur athletes started using because of the hype behind some of the biggest names in baseball.. the hype cause of the money that they make. The coddled and pampered, when others are working their asses off..The thugs (and yes there are some in MMA) that are million dollar criminals.. forget them... and I refuse to allow them to take $$ from me and mine.

The athletes are the ones that brings others into using.. the team mates that cover for the known users.. the teams that cover for the athletes..
Bro, like I already said. I understood what you were saying, but you don't really make your points clear with vague statements like that one in bold. As for your point about kids juicing, thats all fine and dandy, because nobody is arguing that steroids should not be banned. But not ALL the biggest athletes are doing it, and not ALL the biggest athletes are wife beating, rapist, drug addict thugs. So WHY are you condemning all of pro team sports? Thats what I disagree with.

As for the Panthers, you mentioned it being expensive to go to a Panthers game with the family, so thats why I brought them up. You took a shot at the Cardinals first, so if you keep your punches above the belt, so will I.
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