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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
Give him a chance to screw up before you totally condemn him Nate, it has not even been a month yet, this is only his first prime time news conference.
Actually, I am watching him talk around in circles right now. He's complaining about Bush doubling the national debt over 8 years, while completely ignoring the fact that he wants to double it again within his first few weeks in office.

I won't even get into how dangerous it is to just go printing off money with nothing to back it up except the "good name" of the US government. Just read about Germany's hyperinflation in 1923, where money was more valuable as scrap paper than it's face value.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi did the best job of summing up liberal fearmongering to gain support for this "stimulus" package. She stated that, for every moment we delayed passing the stimulus, "500 million Americans lose their jobs." That just really puts it all into perspective. The situation is unbelievably dire! Especially since there are only 305 million Americans alive today.
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