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Originally Posted by jason2130
im not saying that any of them would win, on paper fedor looks better than most fighters out there (alot argue better than all fighters), but MMA is full of upsets, thats what makes it fun to watch, and regardless if he beats Carwin 49 outa 50 fights, if that one lose happens the night of the UFC PPV then every every fedor critic out there will scream "see! we told you so"

im just saying he has nothing to gain at the UFC

On paper?
I don't really think so, on paper he is too short and too small to be a HW champion.

In real life he looks better than any HW out there, he just doesn't make mistakes or get in trouble ever.

I just think Carwin is wayyy too inexperienced, he has only fought a couple guys with more than 10 wins and he himself only has 10 wins over wayyyy sub par opponents. Too often in MMA have I seen people getting exited about "the next big thing" after a good record and a couple quick KO's just to see that person get man handled. So for now, I don't see Carwin even posing a threat until he has been tested.

Not to mention,
if You're the world champion you don't need you, and shouldn't have to fight just anybody who calls you out.
You earn your shot at a title you should wayyy have to earn your shot at Fedor.
He would gain nothing from beating GG and Carwin, it wouldn't prove anything.
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