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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
It'd be interesting to see what Brock could do. Nobody can stop Brock's takedowns so if he wanted Fedor on his back, he'd get it done (they showed a stat prior to the Couture fight - out of every 6 attempts, he's only stopped 1 time - that's awesome!). How is Fedor's guard? I haven't seen him on his back ever, but I've only seen him fight a few times and never was he in any danger. I just think that Brock could pose some problems to Fedor with his size and wrestling ability.

I'd still give the win to Fedor, I see maybe a KO with his striking or maybe a submission using his sambo skills, but I don't think he'd roll through Brock by any means.

Randleman dumped Fedor and had him on his back for a little bit,
Brock is a lot bigger than Randleman, I think Brock is the only interesting fight for Fedor in the UFC, and that is based on size alone. But even with his size I don't see him beating Fedor. Armbar from the bottom with ease.
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