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I like Rothwell over Cain due to experience and style. But Cain has a lot of "push" for this fight. Rothwell will most likely not be able to content with the mental aspect.....

It's not that I like Rothwell as a person. It's the same method I use for Lesnar over Carwin. Brock has youth and strength on his side. I don't care for him as a person. It's not about who I "want" to win, but who I think will win based on facts.

The "In my heart". part is from me wanting to see him win cause I like his fighting style..

The fact that Rothwell is a good fighter makes his debut at the top of the card..

And the thread has to do with you asking/wondering why your preditions threads stink.. it's cause of the video.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
but what does a thread have to do with my video?? I mean, the reason this thread stinks is because like only you and I have actually posted our picks.

why would you want Rothwell to win anything isnt he the guy who went vocal after Hughes when he left MFS to found the HIT Squad....whats so good about him that he makes his debut and nearly the top of the card

...not that I'm dissin yer picks or oat
I don't eat oats.. singular or plural.
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