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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I just don't see how you can think GG or Carwin would pose a threat, at all.
GG? Really?
GG beating Cro Cop was a fluke, nothing more,
and he has been living off that hype ever since.
And that is the only top 10 victory he has, and Carwin is so untested it isn't funny.
im not saying that any of them would win, on paper fedor looks better than most fighters out there (alot argue better than all fighters), but MMA is full of upsets, thats what makes it fun to watch, and regardless if he beats Carwin 49 outa 50 fights, if that one lose happens the night of the UFC PPV then every every fedor critic out there will scream "see! we told you so"

im just saying he has nothing to gain at the UFC
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