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he wont come to the UFC, why would he?

he can stay where he is, fight 1 time a year, fighting the UFCs X-champs, and people will scream his name as the best, he can pick the x-champs 1 by 1and train a whole year just to beat each one and make it sound like these x-champs where at the best theyve ever been, better than when they had the belt


go to the ufc, lose 2 outa 3 fights, against heavy weights people dont think should be in the same category as fedor, and ruin his near spotless record, and the critics will scream "see he couldnt cut it in the UFC"


he will plow through the UFC, and retire in no different position than hes in now, except 1 or 2 critics will change to fans

i myself am no fedor fan, i would love to see him come to the UFC and in a upset of the century some heavyweight like GG, Lesnar, or even Carwin knock him out in the first round, but he has nothing to gain, and alot to lose
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