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royce didn't fight in the sport of mma as it is today .... he would lose under today's rules because they have been adapted to favour strikers and have more action ... royce's game plan was to take you down and hold you in his guard, not take any damage, loosen you up with kidney strikes and then submit you ... he was able to beat bigger guys this way ... granted, they were all one dimensional fighters (some couldn't even be considered athletes) ... but nowadays, even if he had someone in his guard, it would be stood up due to inactivity ... royce didn't have to train striking because in his world he doesn't need to strike .. the UFC of the early days was created by the gracies to promote the gracies and bjj and they did an amazing job of it ... but to compare the two eras is irrelevant and you will never know anyway ..

The only logical post in this thread.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu was not built for a "sport"
Helio Gracie even went as far as to call "BJJ" Anti Jiu Jitsu.
(once BJJ became the big sport it is today)
The system of fighting wasn't set up for time limits, any actual reffing, stand ups, etc...
It certainly wasn't built for a sport with gloves,
where a strike can hit much harder and not worry about his hands.
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