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Originally Posted by Max
you may be working but you are not working to end the fight. YOu just said the guy is defending submissions and throwing punches but if those punches are not thrown with the intent to end the fight why allow them to stay on the ground. It would be one thing if the judges would realize that when someone pulls guard they are not losing the fight. I would have no problem if they rewarded a fighter who is on his back for trying to finish the fight but this is never the case. The judges always think the fighter on top is winning and that is not always true.
It really comes down to education. If the judge understand that a guy on his back can be controlling & winning the fight, then it'd be fine. If the stupid beer guzzling masses understood anything about grappling, it'd be fine. If the ref could have a backbone & ignore outside influences, it'd be fine. How long are we gonna have to wait before this all happen?
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