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I'm a White Sox fan, and WGN still plays MOST of the Cubs games, and even some White Sox games too. Heck, in Arizona, WGN is a part of the basic cable package just because of all the Chicago natives around Phoenix. When the games are not on WGN, they are on another basic cable channel called Comcast Sports Network if you are in the Chicago area. The only other games are on Sunday Night Baseball which is on ESPN. Anybody with BASIC cable gets ESPN.

MLB still has basic TV deals with local networks in all the major markets, so everybody is still getting to see their team play most of the time even if they don't have basic cable or satellite. The only people who really need the extra sports packages from their TV provider are people who don't live in the city of the team they are rooting for, or people who are crazy and want to watch every game. Although I will admit, I am more likely to listen to the games on the radio than actually watch them on TV. I'm just weird like that.

I don't think Baseball is at any risk of dying or even coming close. Even the steroids issue is really just a bump in the road, but it's definitely a big one.
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