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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post
says who?
I really do understand why some people find him boring.

It's not for the "average" or even above average MMA fan. But if you know traditional martial arts, Machida is pure poetry.

I train classical martial arts, and we train that "to get hit" is to die.

One of my shihans instructors, teaches that if you get tagged in sparring, you lose.

I won the SC state championships 2 times, both times he told me.. "sure you did very good, you won a medal... but what if that fight was for your life or for your kids life.."

that brought the medals into perspective..

Will Machida lose someday?? sure.

Like Matt said on TUF.. If you never lose, your not fighting the right people. And he was right.

But that is the difference between sport and combat.
It is because you chose to get on the mat that makes you the winner. Think about how many people are not on that mat right now. - Luis Sucuri Togno
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