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I must admit I started off messing around with y'all on the Royce Gracie deal but however if you really think Forest fought with every thing he had in that fight then you are mistaken. Forest did not fight in that fight. I don't want to hear about how good Anderson is either. I may have been blind in the Forest fight and I have watched it a few times over to see if I was just prejudice towards Forest because I really hate A. Silva as fighter. I do like him as a person though.
I was told by someone on here that I'm not allowed to say a fight was fixed so unless I have evidence out of the ying yang I will not say that. What I will say though is this. I see Forest in some pretty bloody wars over the last couple years. He took everything from Shogun, Rampage, Tito and twice from Bonner. I don't think Anderson could beat Rampage or Shogun nor do I think he can hit as hard as either of the two. I just don't see how Forest went down like he did with a punch that just looked weak. I don't ever see Forest just giving up in a fight and that's just what he did in that fight. I have never seen that referee before either. I also can't believe that Forest would just run out the cage and wouldn't speak for days. Does it take rain falling on your head for you to actually believe it's raining even when you see it falling down in a puddle outside.
There is a few things I want to point out and please prove me wrong if I am.
I am new to this sport. I have only been watching now for 7 years but I haven't missed a ppv in 3 years.
In A. Silvas previous three fights before Forest A.S looked horrible. He needed a big when because people were actually doubting his stay in the UFC and people were starting to say he isn't exciting anymore. What Anderson needed was a win against a former Light Heavy Weight champion to prove he is still a dominating fighter. So the UFC fed him Forest. Forest being an exciting fighter that wasn't scared to fight anyone was scared to fight. Prior to the Forest fight he was a role model to young kids who wanted to be an mma fighter. After the fight he made a comment stating how he didn't want to be a role model and that kids need to look up to someone else.
I don't know but that fight still bothers me for some reason. I mean don't say fights aren't fixed because look what Sean Salmon did. I'm not even saying if the fight was fixed that Anderson knew anything about it. Please go back and watch the fight and look at Andersons facial expressions during the fight. He really wanted to be in there and wanted to fight but Forest didn't. That's not Forests nature and thats not what made him a UFC fighter.

This is the video please watch. A couple people also think the fight was fixed. Again I'm not saying it was but isn't it weird.
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