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Originally Posted by donaldbreland View Post
I still think a match with Royce vs Anderson would still be more interesting now than 95% of Andersons fights since joining the UFC. I think one of Matts greates fights was against Royce. I actually believe Matt has what it takes to beat Silva just as he did Royce. I think Anderson is a great fighter but I just wish we can see him a bit more challenged.
Sorry bro disagree.

Anderson has been unchallenged because he is that much better. He fought EVERYONE at 185 and demolished them and he's beating top 5 205's now.

I'm not a huge fan of his but the guy is most definately the best fighter p4p in the world. No one matches his credentials or performances at the current time.

Anderson p4p is better then Royce could ever hope to be.
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