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I meant to say Royce back in 95 vs Anderson now. My computer froze up when I submitted that. I do however think that Royce is still a very dangerous fighter. Matt Hughes over powered him and Royce under estimated Hughes. I don't think for one minute Anderson would or could beat Royce on the ground. Even today.
even Roids from 95 would get killed by every champ in every division on UFC, DREAM or Strike Force. Like someone else said, Roids dominated when no one knew what JJ was. Since 1995 Roids is 3-2-3. In one of his 3 wins he used roids to beat Sakuraba. Once people knew what JJ was Roids was nothing more than an average fighter at best.

I also think that if the fight hit the ground Anderson would do just fine on the ground. I dont know if he would tap Roids but I dont think Roids would tap Anderson.
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