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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
I think Dana is right .... as much as i love Fedor, and think he is the greatest, he needs to fight more people ... GSP, Spider are fighting the top guys three times a year and Fedor fights HMC ... sure he has fought Sylvia and AA, but i would like to see him do more of that seeing as Affliction is probably done ... To me this is like watching Barry Sanders in his hey-day .. you knew he was amazing, but you wanted him somewhere better than Detroit so his full-potential could shine ... oh well ... Fedor is still a bad man
GSP fought twice in 2008 and one was a not top ten (Serra)
Anderson Silva fought 3 times in 2008 but one was James Irvin.

So, no those guys aren't fighting 3 top level guys a year.

In fact, lets go down the list of other champions.
in 2008 BJ fought twice. (Sherk and Stevenson)
In 2008 Rampage fought twice, losing his title to Forrest then beating Wandy
Forrest fought twice, winning his title then losing it.
Lesnar fought Mir, Couture and HH
While nog only fought Big Tim and Frank Mir

So, more often than not the UFC's Champions aren't fighting 3 top level guys a year.
But of course Dana has to make it sound worse for Fedor
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