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I agree, but right now, mma is still in it's infantcy and it is a business ... the UFC has by far the most market share if you can call it that, but they are the ones who have done the most for the sport ... they are the ones that are going to the different athletic commissions and getting mma legalized in those markets, so they are going to fight tooth and nail to make the UFC the most watched (and eventually the only) promotion ... why lay the ground work so that some other company can come in and take your market share ... i think that the UFC is doing what is has to do to be the best, sure it may take away from the overall quality of cards etc, but hey they are the ones who made it so popular ...
I don't see a drop of in card quality there buddy.

I think with every fighter under the UFC banner you will do nothing but benefit. We will see every great fight we want to see because there wont be an co-promotion non-sense.
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